What are Punctuation mark? Types and how to use Punctuation marks

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Punctuation mark are sign that had meaning to a word or give the proper or real expression of the writer. This is that, with punctuation mark a reader or viewer can follow your stance or the tone and mood of your writing as at the time such work, sentence or whatever you write is being read. Punctuation Mark’s give room for pause and continue or continues reading, in it simplest form, one could say it is seeing the mind and state of the writer at the moment such work is written.

The world of today to some extent depends on writing and we can’t just write and 
expect others should get all what you are saying easily, but with the help of punctuation marks it is very easy to get, let for instance someone may say something like:

1. No punctuation: this book is not for you it is bolas.
Punctuated: this book is not for you, it is Bola’s

2. No puntuation: Oh my God Sade
     Punctuated: oh! My God, Sade?
The number one example punctuation mark shows that the person that possess the book is Sade and we only got that right through punctuating bola.
     While the second one is puntuated to show show surprise.

Punctuation marks is a sign you add to text to show the division between different part of it. Punctuation narks are set of symbols used to clarify writing. It is a rough system of setting words apart but giving out a favourable meaning, punctuation is one of the mechanical convention surrounding writing, which make meaning certain and reading more rapid.


Form/types of punctuation marks

  1. The full stop or finale: it is usually indicate by (.), when this is used, it implies that the sentence has got to stop, it is what signals a reader to total pause, in a public speaking if a full stop is written on the scripted program the reader have to take in more of his/her saliva for a while and after that he can continue with the next paragraph. It marks the end of a declarative or imperative sense, it also mark the end of indirect question and also to punctuate abbreviation.
  2. The comma: it is usually indicated by (,), it is used to create a brief pause in the middle of sentences, it is what we use to show slight pause-or separate various single items in a list. 
  • It is use to separate independent clauses: whenever a coordinating conjunction e.g (and, but, for), it is a rule that comma should be placed before the conjunction e.g: The food seller has solds good grain, and he is expected to collect much money.
  • To separate cordinates elements to utter nasty words. E.g Ansmyques.blogspot.com is attactive , comprehensive and cheap.
  • It is use to separate item in a list
  • Comma is used in date, adresses , geographical items
  • Used in letter writing.
  3. Quotation mark: it is indicated with (“) it is most time used to enclosing quote materials and words used in specialized way. The mark are always place extreme the lines either with double mark or single mark.
  • It is use to to requote a statement made by someone, most of the Time one will need to Re-say a thing said by the original source for the sake of originality and confirmation. See this example – Bola said “ collect the money from Fredrickson ” . 
  • It is used to enclosed a word at the edge in other to show level of happiness or e.g – “I am very please” said the teacher “ because more than 95% of the student pass very well” 
  • It is also use in r citation of tittle for emphasis. E.g “medium side” “The forbidden kingdom”
  • We could also use quotation marks to bring out the big grammar in a word ” the ‘modus operandi’ of one writer rarely has anything in common with that of another.
4. Exclamation mark: it is indicated by the sign (!), it is mostly use for the purpose of emphasis.
Exclamation is use also for addressing someone or something that is not present as if it is part of the occasion. 
For example :
— oh! Mummy don’t you know am hungry ( meanwhile the mother is not there) 
— oh my God! What is this? ( he is saying it asif God was actually present with him in that occasion.
It is used to indicate fear, anger and humour. It should be used when the speaker is really exclaiming. It is use to show strong emotions. E.g like 
  • Stand still!
  • What a hell!
  • Ah! Good gracious!
5. The apostrophe: it is indicate with the use of (‘) this is a useful sign which people don’t check into carefully but carefree, it is a sign to show that a letter or number has been omitted.
  • To indicate possession case – To show ownership or possession is employed. E.g Davina’s  bicycle, the girl’s room, the girls’ room. Some people are confuse with apostrophe in font of s e.g boys’- it means the thing that is talked about here belong to group of people and not only one thing, I hope you get that, if you are still in doubt of some rules just comment and I will answer you asap, click the link below.
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