30 Interesting Bible quiz and Examination questions (Part 2)

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1.    According to Amos, God decided to raise up a nation that would fight and oppress Israel because the people                                        

A. were corrupt and enslaved the poor                    B. claimed to achieve fame by their own strength  C. rejected him  and sold the righteous for silver  D. turned justice into prison

2.    Rahab’s reward for hiding the messenger sent by Joshua to spy out the city of Jericho was that   

A. she and her household were spared                  

B. the city of Jericho was spared for her sake       

C. she married one of the spies and became a queen                     

D. the gold, bronze and iron in the city were given to her

3. One of king Solomon’s unwise policies was the                                    

A. incessant fighting of wars against his enemies  B. signing of treaties with the kings of the surrounding nations    C. use of forced labour to build the house of God  D. making of sacrifice in high places 

4.  After Saul had realized that God would have nothing to do with him, he sought the help of                                                                    

A. Achish B. a prophet C. Samuel D. a medium

5. A promise made by king Saul to anyone that could face and defeat Goliat was                                                           

A. Giving his daughter in marriage to the person B. making him second-in command                      

C. giving the person part of his land                      D. making such person captain 

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6. Two of the seven deacons who later became evangelist were 

A. Stephen and Nicolas                      

B. Stephen and Nicanor 

C. Stephen and Philip                                                    D. Philip and Nicholas 

E. Philip and Nicanor

7. Which of the following brethren introduced Paul to the disciples in Jerusalem after his conversion?                                            

A. Peter       B. Barnabas        C. Barshabas          D. James   E. John, the son of Zebedee

8. The Jewish leader opposed the early church because believers 

A. performs miracles and wonders     B. ate with the gentiles C. preached Jesus Christ crucifixion    D. opposed Jewish authority 

9. “Let every person be subject to the governing authorities” This statement of Paul implies loyalty to                                                                

A. one’s parent                   B. one’s friend            C. the elders D. one’s spouse    E. the government 

10. During Paul’s time with them at Thessalonia, he was involved in __ A. teaching B. tent making C. carpentry D. preaching

11. he has risen, he is not here; see the place where they laid himthis statement was from ______ to ______   A. angel, women   B. A and C only C. angel, women disciples D. somewhat A E. two men, the two Mary and Salome

12. The son of perdition was use to describe        

A. Satan B. devil incarnate C. rebellion D. devil itself 

13. The Thessalonians believed in the doctrine of ________                      

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A. taking into heaven B. rapture C. second coming D. c only 

14. Paul made it clear that “ as long as you are in Christ __________” 

A. lawless man has no say                                          B. cannot separate the person from him C. A only D. you’re totally righteous and all your sins are forgiven E. A, B, and C

15. The tax collector among the disciples is otherwise called ________    A. Levi          B. James  C. Luke     D. John

16. The commander of Army of David is _________   A. abhor B. abishai C. adonijah  D. adoram 

17. Even till the death on the cross, Jesus Christ exhibited                            

A. gentility B. humility C. being obstinate D. goodwill

18. After killing Agag, the killer left angrily, who was the killer here? 

A. king Saul B. Samuel C. Joel D. king David 

19. The prophet who delivered to David of his Adultery act in parables was _ 

A. Nahman B. Nathan C. Nathern D. Nathaniel

20. “… then after two years of their Father’s inaction and lack of control”, he killed his brother. He in this statement is?                                 

A. Amnon B. Abishai C. Adonijah D. Absalom 

21. Paul describe the wanderers in dignity of labour has a ________

A. wanderer B. ungodly C. idle D. Busy body 

22. How should an idle man be treated?                 A. have nothing to do with him  B. Do not feed him C. look at him as an enemy D. warm him as 

23. During Paul’s time with the Thessalonia, he was involved                           

 A. teaching B. tent making C. carpentry D. preaching 

24. The Jewish leader opposed the early church because believers 

A. perform miracle and wonder     B. ate with the Gentiles C. believe in Christ     D. they were samaritans

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25. What did king Josiah do to the idolatrous priest of Judah?     

A. He killed all of them   B. he sent all of them on exile C. he deposed all of them  D. he denoted all of them 

26. God decided to destroy the great city of Ninevah because the people were                                                                                             

A. adulterous B. idolatrous C. wicked D. unrepentant 

27. David made the decision to pursue the Amalekites through                   

A. divination   B. the casting of lots  C. Abiathar’s support   D. The ephod 

28. Daniel became distinguished above all the other presidents and straps because 

A. was a Jew from Judah     B. had an excellent spirit C. was more educated than them D. had close relation with the king.

29. According to Hosea, what would God abolish from the land after making a covenant with Israel?                                                           

A. Baal B. Foreign gods C. Famine D. The bow  

30. The fourth spiritual gifts as enumerated by St. Paul is ____                   

A. The utterance of knowledg B. Gift of healing    C. Faith  D. Gift of discernment


1. C   16. A

2. A   17. B

3. B   18. B

4. D   19. B

5. A   20. D

6. C   21. D

7. B    22. A

8. C    23. B

9. E    24. C

10. B   25. C

11. C   26. C

12. C   27. D

13. C   28. B

14. B   29. D

15. A   30. B

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