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Happiness can be said to be the state of mind whereby one feels fulfilled about something or some point that open to the success of other things, you having admission to higher institution is a thing to be happy about, you’ve got this happiness in you because you already know it will lead you to a greater point.

Don’t forget the long time saying that happy people do happy things no matter what situation they meet or find themselves they don’t give up to sadness, happiness won’t make you jealous of other’s success but rather you look and learn about how their success come to emerge, there are many ways to be happy just that if you can pull off those negative things around you and put on the Armour of blissfulness, life is too short to be angry all time, happy people do happy things.

For the purpose of this post we are going to talk about things to  do to become the most happiest person, though it might sound like exaggeration when i write that but if you can walk by the ways of silly but helpful clues of mine, you’d start getting there already.

  • TAKE OFF SORROWS FROM YOUR MIND : Have you ever notice that sorrow never gives you strength but rather makes you cry and think over situation all to see that no one still care at the end of it all. You think about it (your problems) and you realise that sorrowful state brings more pains like weeping, sadness, agony, etcetera. if you can’t take away your mind off your sorrow you will be like one who can’t  express his/her feeling to no one but that same weak heart, it’s a normal human psychology, and this heart is what you are killing little by little with that your sorrowful state, i tell people if i am working towards somethings at the moment and i don’t have it, i won’t kill myself but will rather be happy for the joy that is about to show up my way, one of the very best ways to be happy in life is to put your mind off that sorrowful distress you have sink your heart, to have all what it takes means you are happy and in the presence of happiness there is the absence of sorrow, sorrow doesn’t come your way, you only summon it through your persistent thought, and summoning it means that you are ready to kill your soul and heart little little until your head can’t be kept above waters, to be happy in life take sorrows off your mind.
  • DANCE LIKE A CRAZY PERSON WHEN YOU ARE IN AN UNSTABLE MOMENT : This is one of the crazy point i said i am going to give you guys, you have to dance, joy, shout, rejoice at that unstable moment you have got, because our life is center around three cores mainly i.e eat, work, enjoy, the food part happens always, normally every human is to eat everyday except if he or she is fasting,  so i will say the eating aspect is one re-occuring thing that happens everyday while the work aspect is what we do even in sleep, imaging you sleeping and you are either doing one thing or the other just to wake up in the middle of night to start thinking and planning on how the new day is going to work, the enjoyment part is what many people don’t want to fulfill and without that there is no how life is gonna be well favourable and that is the point where that blissfuness of the other two lies, to enjoy is to carry out the working process of the food you eat and the work you do, always try as much to make the enjoyment part necessary, there is no other someways to be one of the happiest in life than this ideas that we are sharing on this platform. 
  • SEE WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY : if you can see to this then you can always start from somewhere, check yourself up and figure out those interesting things that gives you happiness at all times, many people out there keep getting dismay and unhappy mood just because they haven’t figure out what make them feel life. Some, it’s through watching series of movies, for others it’s going out to see place, some people love views and so, just so you know people come closer when they actually know you’re a happy person. To be happy affords you even more happiness because one can’t be happy enough  life is a though place to like through, so one has to be very smart with it and make things that makes them happy their second nature.
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In summary,  this are very best few that helps one to be one of the most happiest in life, try this tips and you will see it is gonna materialize, you can also subscribe to our site for new and fresh post as we drop them, thanks for your understanding…… We love you… Bye for now. 

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