How To Write An Application Letter

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Hello again guys, you’re welcome to “Ansmyques blog” short for answer my question. This post was based on demand, so I insist writing on it, has you know on our blog here yeah? what we do is to give information and educate our readers. If you also have any Topic you’d like us to work on, you can drop it in the comment section and I assure you, we will definitely feature your topic on this blog. so for this reason and without futher ado let’s get into it.

Traditionally, there are two types of Letters, this of course are FORMAL LETTER and INFORMAL LETTER, and their traditional definition goes;

  • Formal Letter : These are letters written to organisations,  company, societies, government institutions and so on which must be strictly to the point of demand 
  • Informal Letter : These are letters written to friends, family, relatives,  Neighbour or any other known close persons which may or may not be strictly based on point of demand. It accommodate alot of pleasantries I.e greetings, love and familiarise of different kind.
For the purpose of this post we’re just going to be talking about a type of “Formal letter” which is “Application letter”, talking about types of formal letter, these include;
  1. Letter to Government institutions
  2. Letter to Principal of a secondary school 
  3. Letter to one’s boss in office
  4. Letter to cooperative society 
  5. Letter to local government 
  6. Letter to company 
  7. Letter to organisation 
  8. Application letter and so on

Just as you know already that every letter must contain five (5) segment, so as an application letter too, and this segment include the following;

  1. Writer’s adress (at the right/left top corner as the case may be)
  2. Receivers adress ( at the left down corner of the letter)
  3. Salutation (just after the receiver’s address)
  4. Idea of the letter (after the salutation)
  5. Body
  6. Closing remarks ( include yours Faithfully, signature and writer’s name)

So we are going to make this as simple as possible as we’ve composed a “Letter of Application for Truck Driving”

1. The Writers Adress

 No. 4 Big Brother,



Lagos State.

29th September, 2020.

2. The Receiver’s Address

The Manager,

Waterpool Plc,

15 Dockyard Road,

Ring Road,

Lagos State.

3. The Salutation 

Dear Sir/Ma

4. The Idea of the Letter

Application Letter for Truck Driving

5. The Body

I, Benson Smith hereby present myself as a well qualified candidate for the position of truck Driving. As an experienced truck driver with over a decade of experience under my belt, I have much to deliver in term of save journey and quality customer services. 

As my background specifies, I possess an excellent driving record and have not made a single felony since I started driving professionally ten years ago. My experience from Greg Oil and Gas Limited and Shells Oil and Gas Limited as help me get better with my driving skill. I also possess basic mechanical skills, I am comfortable with managing small repairs on my Truck and can perform preventive maintenance as well. 

In relation to above, my driving skills are best explained in person, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to futher discuss how I can become a key member of your team. If you need more information, feel free to call 04167993578 or contact me on my E-mail at

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Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to speaking to you.

6. Closing Remark

Yours Faithfully 

(Writer’s Signature)

Benson Smith 

I hope this is helpful guys, we hope to give you more relevant post like this, till when our next post comes up, we hope you stay safe and stay strong.  G’bye

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