What is Egusi? And how do you prepare it

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“EGUSI” is also one of African most popular soup because it is widely planted and it gives nutrients to the body, EGUSI is always different in cooking depending on families and home, speaking from most Nigerian 

family perspectives, there is this simple way of cooking it, it does not stay on fire for long, you will always need to be with it while cooking it because of it fast done system, now, here are the steps:


  • Red oil
  • Onions
  • Pepper 
  • Maggi 
  • Salt
  • Egusi
  • Fish/meat
  • In some cases you may cook it with vegetables
  1. You wash and rinse the pot you want to use in cooking it, after that
  2. Set the pot on fire, wait a little for the pot to become dry, then
  3. Pour your red oil inside the pot (depending on the amount of what you want to cook) 
  4. After 1 minute, slice some onions into it, then makes them fry, during the frying process
  5. Pour the pepper into the frying palm oil, turn the three together, then
  6. Put your Maggi into it,  making four ingredients, now this is the most fearful part that you must be caution of, put a very little salt into it and not large amount ( be warn putting much salt like normal food may cause you sour in taste and will not bring its real taste) 
  7. During this process mix your EGUSI in a small bowl and pour it into the existing soup, then
  8. If you want to put fish or meat, do it fast before the soup get totally cooked, then 
  9. Wait for 20 more minute then food is done, the best compliment that suit this is Eba

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