DEBATE/ESSAY : How i will manage a school problem as a principal

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Man wants the best. To achieve that ideal, man must work hard Should I ever become the principal of this school, I would welcome the difficult task. With teachers leaving us in large numbers, with many students withdrawing because of financial problems, with discipline very lax, the task of effecting reforms cannot be easy.

Many subjects on the time-table lack teachers. My first task therefore would be to employ at least twelve. Also, since we have lost many teachers recently, I suppose they all resigned because of general dissatisfaction. My answer will therefore be to provide more amenities like teachers’ quarters and grant car loans.

As we have lost good teachers, so have many promising students gone. While reasons for this might greatly differ, one constant complaint is that of finance. The fees are too high. As the principal, I would take steps to reduce the amount spent by students to obtain education. This can be achieved by allowing students to buy uniforms and books anywhere they like. Indeed, compelling students to take, and pay for, books even when they can obtain the same from their brothers and sisters would be the first to be stopped.

I am also against the regulation compelling students to live in the boarding house. Though boarding house life is part of education in itself, the heavy cost of keeping a student there tends to defeat its aim. Therefore, I would instantly allow all students from JSS 1 to SS 2 to have the option of living at home if they wish. This would remove the unpleasant situation whereby boarding fees have driven many a student entirely from school.

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The system of discipline, too, has scared away some students. As the principal, I would make sure that no prefect has the right to punish any junior one without prior report to a teacher. This would ensure that punishment out of malice stops. Indeed, the present method by which only teachers appoint prefects would cease. I would allow all students to submit names for consideration by the staff and for removal of any erring prefect.

In these ways, I believe my administration would cater for all. Everything would be done to make the teachers feel needed. Students too would be greatly cared for both academically and with all material needs. If all are happy in the school, all would have what they desire the best.

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