Farmers are more important than teacher

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Farmers are more than teachers

Good day most honourable chairman, respected judges, accurate time keeper, co-debaters and my august audience. My name is Answer-my-question (short for

I stand before this honourable and reputable assembly to confidently support an indisputable and irrefutable fact which state: “Farmers are more important than teachers”. Before I proceed, I would like to define to your hearing the meaning of Farmer and then teacher, then I will state my points.

Who is a Farmer: a farmer is a person who plants and rear animal on a parcel of land or flocks in order to sell and to make profit on his hard work, either annually, biannually, couple of months (e.g. corn grows within 3 months in its season) as the case may be. Farmers are generally known for their man power labour put into planting of crops and rearing of livestock.

Who is a Teacher: On the other hand, is such person who dresses official to work every day to impact knowledge on people who are ready to learn

Firstly, why farmers are better than teachers, the criticism starts from my very definition above while farmers strive to produce the very basic need of surviving, food. Without food, it is supposedly assumed that everyone would have die from birth, food is life, it makes us live before we can even get impacted by someone’s else’s supposed knowledge they want to pass, the origin of everything is food, it might sound crazy and not really making much sense but farmers did do justice to all of these things. This is unlike teachers who dress official, believe in their knowledge so much that they think they can impact people. however, it should be noted that knowledge only comes from God, a teacher can only strive to do his job by teaching, one notion is real, if the nature against it, by some means like being hungry at the time of teaching, nothing will really enter into the brain.

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Secondly, it is erroneous assertion to assume all farmers are poor, well, perhaps the once that doesn’t commercialize their hard work, what am I saying? There are some local farmers that after harvest they really are not about the profit but about welfarism of the people around them and their neighbours, these local farmers are many in places like Nigeria, Kenya, South-Sudan, Ghana, Togo to mention but few. Even at that, they strive hard that welfarism of the people comes first and you spread joy to your family by helping your neighbours. However, this is an old time point of view of farming, many farmers in continents like Europe, Asia and the Americas have tend towards commercialising most of their farm produce. There are indeed however rich and wealthy farmers who have made good name in the world, persons like Qin Yinglin, Harry Stine, Howard Graham Buffet, Resnick Stewart are all influential ones. This is very incomparable to the number of poor local and urban teachers that we have, meanwhile, it is worthy of note to say that, teaching in a big school does make you rich, it’s only a camouflage sometimes, some teachers work in high places and still get paid peanut. Then the question is why can’t the knowledge you sworn to impact people be implemented by you to make wealth for yourself?

Another salient point that will interest my honourable judge and my august audience seated here today is the comparison of the two as concern development of the world. The million-dollar questions is was there ever a time teachers use themselves as theory in other to establish a fact? I guess it an open-ended answer (yes and no) but let’s be candid with each other, most stuffs teachers presents are ready made knowledge in field of study, it is undisputable that it will help to a degree, but has that really cause development per se to the world. The position of the farmer in world’s development cannot be overemphasized i.e. early farmers at the beginning of times must have really faced a lot at the expense of discovering what is eatable and what is poisonous, at this very dark time, some farmers will have suffered reduce life expectance (number of years to use in life) due to the kind of poisonous green leaf or diseased animal they ate. Therefore, this must have set precedent for the following generation not to make such mistake. This trend continues to the very world we found our self now. My august audience (addressing the audience again), I must tell you, that it is upon these values created by farmers that the teachers find their curricular. United states will not be what it is today if there is no impact of farmers. United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, South Africa, Nigeria, Singapore will not be what they are today excluding the function and emancipation that farmers impacted in these countries.


In addition, is the issue of economic impact and nations growth, they say statistics can do justice to a lot right? holding from United Nations recent publication, 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) persons die of hunger every year and this include 10,000 plus children and infants. This should signal any right-thinking member of the society that as much as teachers are needed to impact knowledge, undisputable! We all have the responsibility of farming and contributing to our economy. The best countries of the world are countries that export not just relying on import goods alone. With import, ordinarily, the development of such nation will drab and might not see light of the day for years. However, if everyone involves themselves in small scale farming and government and wealthy individuals with large scale, it will, I must say, grows the economy of the country as fast as possible. Ladies and gentle (greeting your audience now with a smile on your face), I believe you all know the job of a teacher does not include economic growth isn’t it. It is safe to assume the knowledge impacted is even being taught to them by the so-called farmer who we do not see the value in. Does it then follow that farmers are the new teachers?

At this point, I shall drop the mic and leave the justice to the judges, for I believe I have been able to convince and not confuse you in anyway that Farmers are better than teachers   

Thank you!

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