Teachers are more important than Farmers

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Today we’re going to be looking at a new debate topic on “teachers are better than farmers

Good day most honourable chairman, respected judges, accurate time keeper, co-debaters and my august audience. My name is Answer-my-question

I stand before this honourable and reputable assembly to confidently support an indisputable and irrefutable fact which state: “Teachers are better than farmers”. Before I proceed, I would like to define to your hearing the meaning of teacher.

First and foremost, a teacher is one who impact knowledge to different varieties of students, who in turn specialize to different field in life. This is that, teacher teaches different kind of students who latter works in different departments in government and private companies. This departments include: Engineering, Medicine, Law, Nursing and so on, this is unlike a Farmer, who rear animal and grow crops on the farm. This is to say that the definition of farmer is not restrictive, it extends from growing crops annually or bi-annually alone to rearing of animal. However, from the definition, as teacher serves as a knowledge transmitter, the farmer on the other hand transmit no knowledge and his main work is to work on a parcel of land.

Secondly, the nature of their job is a thing to consider, it is a common knowledge as we see teachers around us that they are always neat and sweet to come close to, one will literally see a teacher smiles at them and it might make one’s day. On the other hand, the farmer is best known for their dirty cloth, putrid in the marshland shoes, and they’re ever smelling of different green leaves they’ve come in contact with by the day. Similarly, is the issue of the farmer who flocks, for instance a person (like Fulani) who flocks cow might have well contact some animal diseases from those big cows and sheep he pulls around like nomad.

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Furthermore, in terms of respect, the teacher has it more. The manner of composure and the learning atmosphere you find a teacher accords them respect. Teachers believe in principle of “quid pro quo” that is “exchange” or sometimes people say “you scratch my back, I scratch yours too” this “goes with the saying respect is reciprocal”. Even when you try to be rude to a teacher, the manner of talking back will show that they really respect you. The case of parent coming to show grievance as against any disciplinary method use against the kid shows the modest nature of teachers. Most of the time, it might even be the student that is at fault but teacher tries to calm such situation by respecting such parent’s notion and on long run analyse to the parent, the fault of the kid for further discipline. However, this is unlike farmer, the nature of farmer’s job does not amount to real respect. The fact that they work for longer period of time under the sun and under the rain makes it difficult for people to see what values they are really adding to the society. Most times their hard work shows how desperate they are to get that meagre to feed their family. As if it is not enough, pest might come around and spoil most of their crops, erosions too some other time, leaving such farmer in so much a poor state that makes their reputation reduced or they being ridiculed in the society and this amounting to disrespect. 

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In same regard, another point is to examine the financial status of the teacher as compare the farmer. An average teacher is financially capable to feed their family, even though it might not be enough. It is generally said that “teachers make the best investment” not in “seeds” but “investments in person”. The investment in person some humanitarian-economist says is the best ROI (return on investment) because teacher trains doctor, lawyer, accountant, pilots, nurses, legislators and so on, and by this, this people might want to return favour to the teacher as to how well they’ve gone in life, the teacher can get gifts like car, new house, new wardrobe for a thank you! This is unlike a farmer, majority of the farmers are either a peasant or one who is frustrated with life. The only thing a farmer invest in, is in his farm produce and seed, without growing crops, he doesn’t have hope of other things. Besides, I believe it has become general knowledge that bio-technological process is use to produce new seeds that beat the farmer’s effort, not only causing him to lose his job but also making him not useful for his environment anymore. Therefore, farmers are not always financially capable as that of the teacher.

In addition, the societal impact should be overemphasize, without teachers on earth, it is more likely the world would have return back to primitive, its old state where wars and struggle is the order of the day, human killing was nothing but normal, but with teachers we have been lectured about “rule of law”, “constitutionalism (adherence to the constitution), “Court process” and how we have to obey people in authority. The height of it is that it’s only teacher that can give the right instruction as to how planting seed and growing good crops could work. Unlike farmers who has no much impact aside the food industry, however, the food industry even is now dominated with using mechanical powers as against man power of the farmer. This therefore, might render a farmer jobless and frustrated in life.


In Conclusion, it is safe to say that, the job of a teacher cannot be overemphasize as compare to that of the farmer who might be limited and now even battled with new modern mechanical effort pervading the agricultural space. With this few points, I believe I have convince you as against the importance of a teacher in the society than that of a farmer.


Thank you!



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