Practice Mathematics questions

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  • Solve for​​ x​​ if​​ x+16-x-23=112+x+34​​ A.​​ 5.7​​ B.​​ -2.4​​ C.​​ -3.4​​ D.​​ -5.7

  • Solve the equation​​ 2x-1x+2=5x+2​​ A.​​ -1 or-2​​ B.​​ -1 or 2​​ C.​​ 1 or 2​​ D.​​ 1 or-2

5.​​ Find the perimeter of the equilateral triangle below​​ 

C:\Users\EEE\Desktop\NEW 2.png

A. 18m B. 21m C. 24m D. 33m

  • Find the quadratic equation whose roots are​​ -3   2​​ and​​ 23​​ A.​​ x2-5x+6=0​​ B.​​ 6x2-5x-6=0​​ C.​​ x2+5x+6=0​​ D.​​ 6x2+5x-6=0

  • If 2 is one of the roots of​​ 2x2-kx+2=0. The other root is A.​​ -5​​ B.​​ 5​​ C.​​ 12​​ D.​​ -2

  • The two values of​​ y​​ in the equations​​ x+2y=1​​ and​​ x2-3y=12​​ are ______ A. 3 and​​ -1​​ B.​​ 114​​ and​​ -1​​ C.​​ -9   2​​ and 3 D.​​ 114​​ and​​ -9   2

  • The ages of a man and his only son are 58 years and 14 years respectively. How many years ago was the father exactly five times older than his son? A. 3 years B. 4 years C. 5 years D. 6 years​​ 

  • The length of a rectangle is 2cm more than three times its width. If the area is​​ 85cm2, the perimeter of the rectangle is ______ A. 40cm B. 44cm C. 48cm D. 52cm

  • The unit digit of a two-digit number is 1 more than twice the tens-digit. When the digits are interchanged the number is increased by 45. What is the number? A. 25 B. 37 C. 49 D. 73

  • The sum of five consecutive odd numbers is 75. The biggest of the numbers is _______ A.​​ 11 B. 15 C. 19 D. 21

  • Two​​ brothers have a total of ₦50,000. When the richer brother gives ₦5,000 of his share to the second brother, he realised that his money is now two-third of the second brother’s money. What was the worth of the richer brother? A.​​ ₦40,000 B. ₦35,000 C. ₦30,000 D. ₦25,000

  • It will take 50 mins to travel from Lekki to Epe provided that one travels at the recommended speed by the engineer. But, driving 20km/hr above the speed, one can save 5 mins. What is the value of the recommended speed by the engineer? A. 150km/hr B. 120km/hr C. 200km/hr D. 180km/hr

  • If an item is sold for ₦630, the seller would make 5% profit. At what price must the item be sold so as to make 20% profit? A. ₦720 B. ₦695 C. ₦805 D. ₦900

  • A trader bought 500 mangoes at ₦4 each. Certain number of mangoes got spoilt and the rest were sold for​​ ₦6 each and still able to make 14%​​ profit.​​ The number of​​ mangoes that got spoil were A. 100 B. 110 C. 120 D. 130

  • How much will a sum of ₦24,000 amount to when invested for 4 years at a rate of 5%per annum simple interest? A. ₦4,800 B. ₦24,800 C. ₦28,800 D. ₦32,000

  • Udoh​​ deposited 150.00 in bank. At the end of 5 years, the simple interest on the principal was 55.00. At what rate per annum was the interest paid? A. 11% B. 713% C. 5% D. 713%

  • The official salary of a man is ₦120,000. If 20% of his salary is taxable and he paid a total of ₦1440 as tax. Calculate the tax rate. A. 15% B. 12% C. 10% D. 6%

  • A ticket​​ collector​​ gets​​ 5%​​ commission​​ of every adult tickets sold and 8% commission on every children tickets sold. An adult’s ticket costs ₦2,500 and a child’s ticket costs ₦1,500. What will be his take home if he was able to sell twenty adult tickets and thirty children tickets? A. ₦6,100 B. ₦8,200 C. ₦7,400 D. ₦5,500

  • A man paid ₦4,200 after enjoying 14% discount. Determine the tagged price on the item​​ A. ₦4,800​​ B. ₦4,900 C. ₦5,000 D. ₦5,100

  • When a certain number is added to both the numerator and the denominator of​​ 613, the fraction becomes​​ 23. What is the value of the certain number? A. 8 B. 7 C. 6 D. 5

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