A Levels CRS questions for Examination

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1. ________ of the following is not Jacob’s son A. Gad B. Zebulum C. Roben D. Joseph 

2. The first legal wife of Jacob, who afterwards was named Israel was A. Zilpah B. Bilhah C. Leah D. Rachael 

3. The relationship between Joseph and his brother were further worsened by A. their father’s more love B. His dream C. His two dreams D. B only 
4. The first born plan in relation with his brothers was ________ A. casting him to the pit with such affirmed intention B. casting him to the pit C. changing his brother’s intention D. B and C 
5. When Joseph was brought out of pit, he was sold to A. Pharaoh B. Midiamite C. Trader D. Potiphar 
6. Hosea called on Israel to return to the Lord by ________ A. praying and fasting B. steadfast loving God C. Repentance mechanism D. B and C 
7. As at the time the famine begins in other land including Egypt, Jacob and his sons were living in A. Al B. Canaan C. Israel D. Judea 
8. You shall not take the lord your God in vain is Eli’s _______ commandment A. 4th B. 3rd C. 7th D. 1st 
9. lack of parental responsibility led to all the following except the A. institution of monarchy in Israel B. collapse of Eli’s priestly lineage C. decisive defeat of Israel by Philistines D. defeat of the Hophins and Phinehas 
10. Which of the following is correct A. Joseph is Jacob’s 11th born B. Jehoshaphat had a bad grandfather C. Amalekite obstruct Israel at red sea D. Adoram is the grandson of Eliakim 
11. Pick the odd one A. Amalekite B. Philistine C. Palestine D. Egypt 
12. David was hunted but not found at? A. wilderness of sin B. Mount Horeb C. wilderness of Ziph D. Mount Hachilah 
13. The people that reported David meet Saul at _______ A. Giboah B. Gibeah C. Amalek D.Palestine 
14. David having had the opportunity but think otherwise not to kill saw as glorify “You shall not kill which is the ________ commandment A. 6th B. 7th C. 8th D. 9th 
15. The Joseph transition as a slave was from _______ A. Ishmaelite to Potiphar B. Ishmaelite to Egyptian Army C. Potiphar to Ishmaelite D. A. and B only 
16. Deborah in Israel was a _________ A. prophet B. Leader C. Seer D. all of the above 
17. Before David stood up to the uncircumcised Philistine, he has formerly killed A. Goliath and Egyptian Men B. Bear and Lion C. Lion and Wolf D. Amalekite and Philistines 
18. _______ sought a medium to talk to ______. A. Samuel, Saul B. David, Solomon C. Saul, Solomon D. A. and B only 
19. The 8th spiritual gift is A. healing B. Wisdom C. speak in tongue D. discernment of spirit 
20. He who contribute should, do it with ________ A. liberality B. Zeal C. Speality D. good faith 
21. The offence of Ones Imus to Philemon was A. not stated B. placed on behalf C. A and B Only D. A. only 
22. “Be holy yourselves in all your conducts since it is written, you shall be holy for I am holy” was a statement in ________ A. Christian persecution B. Jeremiah preaching on Holiness C. communal life in early church D. effective 
23. __________ was the man James used as example in effective prayer. A. Moses B. Jesus C. Amos D. A only 
24. Lazarus the brother to Mary and Martha was from _______ A. Bethany B. Bephamy C. Betshada D. Beersherba 
25. After Jesus of himself being the living bread, which set of people took offence at that A. The Pharisees B. The Sadducees C. His disciples D. The people of that vicinity 
26. “Do not destroy him; for who can put forth his hand against the Lord’s anointed, and be guiltless?”. The fellow who was asked not to carry out the action brother was ________ A. Abishai B. Joab C. Abuer D. David 
27. David took Saul’s _________ at the event, to show he was there. A. spear and jar of water B. Jar of water, spear and one other thing C. spear, jar of water, spear and some other things D. C only 
28. Pick the odd one out A. Joseph and his brother B. David and Solomon C. Ones Imus and Philemon D. David and Saul 
29. The sons of Samuel were not practically the first judge. A. true B. False C. somewhat true D. partially false 
30. King Josiah was killed in a battle against A. Pharaoh of Egypt B. King of Philistine C. Agog of Amalek D. Pharaoh neco



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