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The commonwealth is an association of 54 independent or sovereign countries that support each other and work together toward international goals. All the members of commonwealth (except Mozambique and Rwandan ) were formerly part of British empire.  
The organization was officially establish in 1931.

As it is known that the common wealth constitution is based largely on an unwritten and flexible based because the procedure to changing the constitution is easy and not very hard to amend compare to a rigid constitution, however all the activities of the common wealth is largely carried out by the secretariat of which is mounted by the permanent commonwealth general secretary which is located in London, headed by the secretary general, and bi-annual meeting meeting between “Commonwealth Heads Of Government”, The current Secretary-General is Dominica’s Patricia Scotland, who replaced Kamalesh Sharma as Secretary-General on 1 April 2016.

The common wealth of nation is the coming together of all the ex-colonies of the great Britain although, the idea of colonization in the new world is already put into extinction, any country find colonizing another might be question through her international diplomacy with other countries of the word and might be cut-out of sub regional and regional organizations.

Common wealth of nations is headed by the queen of England has it is truly belief that queens are the lords and has final judgement on any issue concerning the whole administration, she is indeed the legitimate heir to control the common wealth of nations.

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