What is Biblical Inspiration and Theories of Bible Inspiration

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What is Biblical Inspiration?

Inspiration is gotten from the Greek word “theopneustos” which means God breathed, and the Latin word Divinitus Inspiratu which means divinely breathed According to Paul, the scriptures are inspired for teaching, reproach, correction and

training of righteous… Inspiration is when a person, object or situation quickens or stimulates an influence

upon the intellect, emotions or creativity. Biblical inspiration is a doctrine on

Christian theology that the human authors and editors of the bible were led of

influenced by God with the result that their writing may be designed in some sense the word of God.

According to Charles c Ryrie, biblical inspiration can be defined as God superintends of human authors of the bible so they record without error God’s message to mankind in their own original writing.

Theories of Inspiration

1. Neo orthodox inspiration

2. Dictation theory of inspiration

3. Verbal plenary theory of inspiration

4. Limited inspiration theory

Neo Orthodox Inspiration

This theory emphasizes on the transcendence (supremacy) of God. It states that God is supreme and his super eminences how that the only way human beings can communicate with God is through direct revelation. It says that the bible is medium or witness to God’s word which is Jesus. The only way theĀ  bible is the word of God is when it is used to testify to God’s word.

Dictation Theory of Inspiration

The theory propounds the fact that the authors of the bible are mere secretaries that God’s work, human minimal effort. This theory is backed up in the bible where it is said “write this down”

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Verbal Plenary Theory

This theory posits the fact that every single word of the bible is God’s doing. The theory further emphasizes that the inspiration of the author is God’s doing and also the word of God. Second Timothy’s word “theopneustos”

which means “God breathed” also gives credit to this fact.

Limited Theory of Inspiration

The limited theory of inspiration capitalizes on the fact that the bible is man’s effort and God’s minimal effort. It states that God allowed human beings to make factual and historical errors but not doctrinal errors.

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