The difference between Federal University and State University

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You probably must have been hearing things like federal institution and state institution, we should be quite clear about something here, the word institution might quite go far and wider compare to saying university, although university is another form of institution.

Institution could be either federal establishment or a state owned enterprise, the word “institution” cut across establishment like :

  • United States Congress.
  • Federal judiciary of the United States
  • Executive Office of the President.
  • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
  • United States Department of Commerce.
  • United States Department of Defense (DOD)
  • United States Department of Education.
  • United States Department of Energy

the above are federal institutions in the United state, while an example in Nigeria should include :

  1. Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC)
  2. Public Compliant Commission (PCC) also called Ombudsman
  3. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)
  4. Civil Service Commission (CSC)
  5. National Judicial Council (NJC)

all the listed above are also institutions of either the state government or the federal government, so the word institution is not all encompassing to be for University alone, without no further Ado, a paradigm of definition of Federal University and State University had suffice in this stance.

Federal School : federal school/institution are school established by the federal government of a particular country. Federal schools are at secondary level across the country likewise are federal universities, this university are either created by a statutory provision or under a federal law establishment, this schools mostly are created for the public at a very minimal price, for example UNILAG, OAU, UI, you’d sometimes see that the money paid per session (First semester and Second) is not even up to that being paid in a primary private school, funny yeah? how low could this have been, very very low that you’d laugh when you hear it. a case study of federal school in United state of America, although it is called college, should include :

  1. Delta State University
  2. Arlington Baptist University
  3. Schiller International University
  4. University of California, Berkeley
  5. The University of Texas at Austin
  6. University of Illinois Chicago

and federal Universities or institutions should include :

  1. University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  2. Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)
  3. University of Ibadan (UI)
  4. University of Nigeria ( NSUKA)
  5. Ahmadu Bello University and so on… 

Features of Federal University or Institution

  1. Federal establishment : such school are created either by a statute or a federal provision which usually have the back up of the constitution
  2. Minimal fee : Federal institutions students mostly pay a very tiny amount that is very equitable to non payment
  3. Federal Care : This include NHIS which is an insurance for one who is in a federal University, mostly covers the bills of the said student or 90 percent of 100
  4. Meet people across the country and international : like private schools, Federal is what many international student do know about as otherwise state university, Federal University gives you the opportunity of meeting people across your own country and even globally.
  5. Wide varieties of Course to study : The federal government of many country approve more courses for federal university student to study as against that of state where regulations and protocols are order of the day before a course can get approve so easily.

State school : State schools are also created by some provisions of such state that so desire to have a University. Just like that which has been said above, state school are those one’s created in the state but might or may not generally is for public purpose but rather for purpose and maximization of profit, although at secondary level, state might be lenient as to payment but at University level the money might be a little bit pronounced, an example of state institution or University is EKSU, AAUA, OOU and so on. an example of this in the united state could include

  1. Penn State University
  2. South Hills School-Business
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Features of State University or Institution

  1. State Establishment : Most state University are establish by the state in the country that so desires it.
  2. Excessive Affiliate : so far most time the money paid in some state university are little pronounce, creation of affiliate of such university most times are other of the day. See affiliation to mean more like branch connected to a particular university in that state
  3. Pronounced Fee : although not all state, but the fee paid in most state university or institution are a little more pronounce
  4. Close to a Private school : a good state school should be almost in compete with private school because the school maximize profit to satisfy its need and also it is not totally remove from government fund.
  5. Reputation is always state associated : by this we mean, most of the federal University are popular by the virtue of the state popularity and this goes way far, this is that a college in New York will have far more reputation that one in Greenville or Huntsville

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