How to calculate LASU aggregate score for screening

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LASU, short for LAGOS STATE UNIVERSITY, is situated on Ojo area in Lagos state, actually many people thought of it as UNILAG,  which is UNIVERSITY OF LAGOS. They are both in Lagos though but there are differences in the acronym, place they are situated and nature of establishment,  UNILAG is a Federal University created in 1962 while LASU is created in 1983 and it’s a state University.

If you’re looking for your root in Lagos to LASU, it kinda fall far lagos around Ojo while UNILAG is more like in the center of popular places like Bariga and Ojo, UNILAG mainly is in Akoka Area, Yaba.

Without no further Ado, I suppose we should look at what this post title reads which is how to calculate LASU aggregate score for screening. First is that LASU don’t conduct post ume unlike UNILAG, but rather there is a screening process, the screening process is your 5 core subject in 0 level this include MATHS and ENGLISH, which you must at least score a minimum of C6 each and a minimum of C6 in other 3 subject related to course you want to study. If you don’t know how to go about this you can text me on whatsapp through 08130184805

After having the above then calculate your grades with the description I gave below.

How to Calculate LASU Aggregate score

To calculate the LASU aggregate score, you first need to calculate your O’level result. Below is the grading system for the O’level result;

A1 > 10 marks.

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B2-> 9 marks.

B3> 8 marks.

C4 -> 7 marks.

C5-> 6 marks.

C6 – 5 marks.

Total scores obtainable from O’level = 50%.

For the UTME score, the calculation goes thus;

UTME score divided by 8.

For a better understanding of the LASU grading system, check the image below;




The departmental cut off will be release after the screening, have a nice time and tell your friends about out site, for more on post ume you can text me on 08130184805, please don’t call text will do, I suppose I’d do well to respond on time

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