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Public relation is very essential in the life of any organization, public relations is the view of the people about an organization, some organizations get bad views in their relationships with their customers and people that has something to do with it, while reversal is the case for some, for an organization to have long life span, it must create goodwill/image which make people have trust in such organization, and this could be linked with one of the public relations definitions that “it is the ninety percent doing good and 10 percent talking of it “this simply means that the organization doesn’t speak for itself, the people do, while actions is to the organization, people, public, customer, visitors and all other speaks of the actions done by them.

This feasons above cannot exist except a reasonable planning issue done by the public relation practitioners of the organization, the public relation officer will sit together with those that man each department of an organization to discuss the techniques that are to be use for the implementation of the problem on ground.

The best techniques as per public relation in this case Is the application of “RACE” formula, this simply means ‘Research, Action, Communication and Evaluation’, a public relation man can’t just wake up a day and start bringing out ways to solve problems when the problem itself has not been analyze, in order for the public relation officer not to damage the goodwill of an organization, he or she has to start from the inception of the race formula, which is research, research must be very imperative to a public relation man in that it is what makes him (PR man) get the view and opinions of the People about both controversial or individual view and opinions of people about the products or services rendered by the organization, an organization within itself may think of their products as best meanwhile the case may be different to the public, and without public, then what is the essence of an organization? Nothing, because public play a crucial role in the life of an organization, for this, research needs to be systematic in carrying out, if not so, there will be no need of using techniques, after the proper and systematic research is carried out, the public relation man faces the second phrase which is “Action”


Action is the next step in the ‘RACE’ formula process, carrying out research is very important as formerly said, the action is that point where PR man calls the head of each department of an organization, tell them about the imminent problem diagnose to an organization through research, from this point the PR man is then free from bosses and heads that will always disturb him to know what people think or view about their product and services, in order to know the favorable techniques that is to be use in that kind of situation. Action does not stop at the point of meeting departmental heads but that is just the beginning, action in ‘RACE formula include the implementation of solution to counter an earlier issue or problem, the image of an organization will not turn blur in people’s mind until the organization PR man did not implement any action.

in response to the earlier research, for instance, an organization selling chocolate may feels it will be foolhardy of them applying large amount of sugar into the product, thinking alreadily that it is chocolate, this concept/idea apply by the organization might call for controversy, and this time the work of the PR man is carrying out proper research with action, in order to know the majority view about the product, still on the illustration, many people may have through research voiced out that the product is a mess for not making sugar much in the chocolate, the next thing the the public. relation man needs to do is to go back to the organization, call a meeting that will bring together each department bosses and heads in order to strategically plan on what to do and how we are going to do it in order to fulfill objectives.


After deliberating on this issue and necessary conclusion has been met on, the public relation man is left with nothing but to implement new idea reach by him and the heads, this could be implemented through either the print or broadcast media of mass communication, but for public relation practitioners to be on a safer side, he or she should try using broadcasting media for large. reach and convenience, after sometimes that the implementation has been carried out, the PR man don’t just sit and look at situation as if that has solved everything, so he the PR man has to take some measures which herald in the i Cin the RACE formula which is communication.

Communication is the exchanging of information between entities and this is the third stage in the ‘RACE’ formula, just as said earlier the communication stage is that part you get to in order to satisfy the curiosity of the organization. public, this means that the public relations man is left with nothing than to communicate, propagate, or disseminate information reached as solution or panacea to a problem diagnosed during research, the communication medium as said earlier might be in form of either print or broadcasting, for making the information get to large audience in the case of big organization, it is advisable to use the broadcast media, after the communication process is done then the public relations officer takes full measures or otherwise called evaluation.

“Evaluation” is the last process in the ‘RACE’ formula, evaluation is the determination of the value of a variable or expression (communication), it is a stage you come to ask yourself as a practitioner that what did we achieve? Or did the plan work out? Does the communication gear people interest? If yes then kudos to the public relations man, but if no!, then another research needs to be conducted checking the negative attitude of the public through techniques of public relations.

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