Functions of General Secretary and how to Write Minute of Meetings

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As the general secretary of an organization or administration, you should know that the bulk load of such administration is on you, there are lot of things done in the administration by whoever is appointed or selected even elected as the General Secretary. The first and foremost  is that the general secretary sees to the day to day running of the administration, others include :

  1. Executive role : any general secretary plays the Executive head role in the administration, he mostly draft meeting for the administration or organization based on some recommendations by groups or committees in the administration, this is that he plays head Executive in the administration, even though other persons like president and his committee might have a little Executive role, the general secretary is still seen as boss of all Executive in the administration.
  2. Writing minute of the meeting : The minute of any minute is very imperative and really needs to be jotted down, by jot down I mean, the General Secretary or secretary general did not want to write all the unimportant stuffs in the book, the cogent is what matters!! Keep in mind, and this important stuffs goes goes to the root.
  3. Working with the PRO : the general secretary must always be in touch with the public relation officer on new publication dissemination or latest update that is meant to be passed to general audience, Executive member, board members and so on, with getting in touch with the PRO, his work also become facile.
  4. Keeps record : the general secretary also keeps record of events and dates, more like documentation which is above mere writing the minute of the minute.
  5. Supervisory role : the general secretary could also double a Supervisor role if there is a project which probably was not to be man by the president. The general secretary after the president and vice president, he comes in line, I mean, if the president of United state of America isn’t around and the VP also, the person to be there will probably the Senate president more likely could be seen as secretary in this stance.
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What should a General Secretary do to write minute

The minute of the meeting are the cogent things being said in the meeting aside the long unfruitful part of the talks or long pitch, it is then the function of the general secretary to write out cogent part of the meeting, an example is a student administration paradigm below :

– The meeting commence at 7pm with the President-elect speech introducing herself before everyone introduced themselves in order of office.
– She informed the house about the executive inauguration which is to take place on 19th of December 2021
– She (the president) also stated by briefly talking about the function of each office, she mentioned that function of each office is not the same,
– she also mentioned the function of whoever the librarian is going to be and also the function anyone staying at the bookshop.
– The president reiterate on the act of showing care by checking up on student in the association and even members of the executive has never been more imperative, that it really goes to the root and we want to bring people even fresher and direct entry student to the association. – The president said that Fresher’s night will be early January next year also informed the house that the patron wants the administration to do to do 2 banners welcoming student back to school.
– As to United State Universities celebration, we came to a conclusion on using campus shuttles.
– The President informed the house that patron propose some ideology.
– The closing prayer was led by the President and the meeting came to an end at 8:30pm.

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mind you, this is just a paradigm, you can work on a very better one and it depends on the administration.

Thanks for getting this from us, we hope you come around some other times.


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