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The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere beings. Existence a state where one is physically present with the natural element of the word e.g. sun, moon, star, air, water and so on, but this is not all-encompassing as it could means the inner part that could not be touch but only felt by some other people

1. Guard against complacency. The Master comes when no one expects. He gives His message and instructions based on His own terms and time. We must not be caught unaware or unprepared.

2. What you set your eyes on determines what you give to life. It also defines the extent of your reach. The Lord guides.

3. You are never remembered for the things you avoided but for things you survived.

4. We are all God’s finished work. Everything we need to make it in life is already embedded in us. God knows all we need and

provides them. However, He expects us to call them forth with the creative power He gives us. We are often distracted because we fail to use simple tools made available to us. The Lord guides.

5. It all adds up! We are the Master creator’s perfect product. We often think lightly we are born without cloth, but it’s because we are designed to make one. Within us is a factory from which the products of our needs are made. Our senses supply the raw materials of what we make and become. The Lord directs.


6. Man is a hunter with a single bullet for his game adventure. If he wastes the bullet, he is not entitled to another one. Our life is that bullet. We all have one life to live; so live it well. The truth is we age sooner than we think. Therefore, everyday of our life on earth must be purpose-driven if we desire to hear “well done!” at the end. The Lord guides.

7. God created the world and set all things in order for His good pleasure. He made man in His own image and loaded him with gifts. The planet is governed by divine laws and man has the power of choice to choose the force of light instead of darkness, good above evil, positive above negative, peace in place of war, and order in place of disorder. You can’t sit on the fence in the race of life. You either rule or be ruled! You are made in the image of God; so seek knowledge.

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