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Work can be define as a legitimate or legal economical activity which is carried out by people living or inhabiting a society in other for them to make money or earn a living to satisfy their need and their family needs.

Work is in many form and it can be determined by one’s ability and capabilities, some people can choose a legal profession while another can chose to be a doctor or even pick up a trade to earn a living I.e trades like carpentry, painting, gaming and so on.

However stealing, armed robbery, bunkering etc cannot be regarded as work because they are not what follows the guidelines and customs of the society as the legal or the legitimate means of making real profit to satisfy one’s need, people who involve in all this u rightful act are seen and regarded as a criminal or theft. You can equally read HOW STUDENT CAN READ AND COMPREHEND


Attitude  is the mannerism and the individualism dimensions or ways through which he or she execute a task or action, that is why there is the axiom that ” Your attitude determines your altitude” this simple fact is that when you will get to in life is determined by the kind of character or the mannerism you put to action or work. Ones right attitude to work brings all sort of favourable instances to one’s life but otherwise brings failure and ruin to one’s plan.


  1. HONESTY : is the act of being truthful and not dubious in performing task or action, honesty as an attribute of right attitude to work is shown and make vivid when one comes to work at the stated time of agreement I. E if if there is a contract or agreement between two party, they can easily meet and the proper time planned, for an honest man, work agreement is precious to them for it brings more business through people who understand timeliness. 
  2. DISCIPLINE : Discipline as the word seems to look like in face is the ability to control and direct oneself, one mind, one brain to conform to the rules and regulations guiding the society. Discipline involve self control, a discipline person is one who follows all the necessary rules and regulations in the society. 
  3. COMMITMENT : This is an act of being devoted to a task or a cause, one who devotes himself or herself to work will not give room for excuses and absenteeism, the best way to be committed in working is doing the right things as ordered by the society or organization law ( rules and regulations) 
  4. CONSISTENCY : to be consistent is to stand affirm to do only the right thing and to forgone the bad act of any activities involved or participate in, one needs to constantly do good or right. For instance, if one is consistently honest, transparent, careful and supportive. One of being consistence is the rightful mind to remains loyal to one’s country. 
  5. REGULARITY :  this means doing things in a repeated time and believing in the future of it, the act of absenteeism is a bad attitude because it reduces productivity, regularity brings consistency to work and it makes people work intact and help one another In business, regularity in business help in the life of its sustainability. 
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In conclusion, one right attitude to work is rewarded tremendously, the rewards include recognition, improved national image, promotes efficiency and so on. 


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