DEBATE/ESSAY : Description of Some Places of Historical Interest

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Imagine you are about to write on place of historical interest, this is a perfect example model

You have been asked to arrange a visit by members of your class to a place of interest near your town. Describe two or three such places for discussion by members of your class so that they can choose which one they would like to visit.

Description of Some Places of Historical Interest

To visit the Korokiri waterfall, the Korokiri cave and the Korokiri battlefield is to experience greatness with the giants who created history in my town. They made us proud of our ancestry. The renowned Korokiri war in which my people drove back the Okai invaders is still re-enacted today in many stories: while the Korokiri cave is known as the haven of my ancestors and the waterfall aided my people by drowning the invaders.

The battlefield is about two kilometers outside the town. It is an undulating area with very high rocks surrounding it. The terrain used for the battle itself is about a kilometer square. In the valley, there is a small museum, recently erected, in which some of the weapons used in the battle have been preserved. Preserved behind each of the rocks on the opposite sides of the square are the thick-walled huts used by the combatants during the conflict.

The Korokiri cave is near the battlefield. It is between the later and the present site of the town. It is today guarded by a paid keeper because of its historical significance. It was there that the original inhabitants hid when the Okai invaders first came laying waste everything in their path. It is a large cave with a small, low entrance. Though dark, the inside is spacious enough to hold about 60 people all sitting comfortably. Also, some carvings decorate parts of the cave. Going round, one feels one is rudely intruding on a sacred household.


Down the valley from the battlefield is the waterfall. It is next to the camp of the Okai invaders, separated by about two kilometers of deep jungle. The noise is rather deafening. About d 500 feet of rocky cliff, the waterfall presents a beautiful scenery gin difficult to describe. There are paths about half a kilometer of away through which one can get into the valley, climb another little hill, and survey from afar the majesty of the waterfall.

I really find it difficult to recommend which one to visit. None deserves to be missed. If we prefer to share a feeling of victory in battle with my gallant ancestors, the Korokiri battlefield should be our priority, Should we choose to live for a few hours with my ancestors, the cave is the place to go. And if we decide to admire the beauty and majesty of nature, the Korokiri waterfall is the place for us.


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