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The objective of this post is to focus on helping student get through this debate topic, as it is very common even right from the start point of thing, that is, the people of the past and the living have at a point talk about it in one way or the other, so, it’s suffice to say that talking on this kind of debate topic is very pertinent and appealing to the knowledge. it argumentative in nature and I hope anyone reading it enjoys it. Let start from the greeting and then idea after that will write the body then the conclusion, but if you want to see the full guide on writing essay, you can check my former posts and article, you can click the link above. 


Good day most honorable chairman, respected judges, accurate time keeper, co-debaters and my august audience. My name is Answer-my-question

I stand before this honorable and reputable assembly to confidently support an indisputable and irrefutable fact which state: “teachers are more important than doctors”. Before I proceed, I’d like to define to your hearing the meaning of doctor and teacher, first a teacher is a trained fellow in a particular field in order to impact knowledge, skills, morale, virtues and value unto anyone that is to learn something, he/she sees impacting knowledge as pertinent and he shun against ignorance at all cost, although, it suffice to say that there are of course bad teacher and also good once are as many. On the other is the doctor who is medically trained to diagnose illness and proffer panacea or medical remedies to various form of health problem, he studies for number of year in higher institution ranging from 8 years and above as the case may be in various country. Merely looking at the definition, we can see that it is a very glaring fact that the teacher is superior and important than Doctor in number of ways.

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Firstly, the teaching gives the real sense to many types of people in the society be it accountant, medical doctor, philosophers, journalist, newscaster and a lot of professional works, medical doctors derives all that valuable sense of their from the canopy of the teacher’s. No any doctor will cure a problem if there is no intervention of learning and adequate skill to do so. With no teacher to teach the doctor, many of them will be refer to as “quacks” which means that a doctor giving ineffective and inefficient services, many people that will be going to those for help, will become victims of circumstances and many lives has been lost from this most wicked practitioners.

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Secondly and equally important is that without teachers, there will be high Level of illiteracy, the teacher tends to be one of the country dignity lifter through saving individuals from the shackles of ignorance, a state with inadequate teachers suffers this problem, gone are does days when most African country are illiterate, but as time goes on the system of teaching was brought to them by the likes of British, Portugal, France and many other, this has been a system of inculcating concept into human being and it is only done by the teacher, how will countries be without the restlessness, selflessness, patriotic, altruism and the humanitarian efforts of the teacher? A country with the help of teacher is always seen in the international world, the teacher also pave way Into children that affect their taught and thinking ability, and without teachers many will not know how to read or write. 

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Moreover, teachers have in most time create job opportunities for different professionals which doctor is included, theory of life is that human should train his/her mind in the field he loves, for this teachers as really equipped many peoples mind through their teaching,  and before one could seek for a job, one has to had gone through some process which is solemnly the teachers instructions and guidelines, through the caring efforts of teachers, the society is saved the menace of unemployment which breeds criminal activities of different kinds. Idle mind is always a devils workshop, but through the help of teacher, crime in the society has reduced to the nearest minimum. They are not like doctor who can’t even provide any skill to minimize crime activity.

In addition, teachers are compassionate and loving while teaching because, as they teaches at the same time they gives out advise unlike the doctor that are callous and heartless, it is hard to believe that most doctors too are always in support of crime in the name of making money, a doctor may inject a patient with toxic substances, and yet this are the people that the society relies on as to save lives. Another is that doctors imagines highly morbid situations that leads to either injury or death of a victim, they are on the fact that if people don’t injure or die, how will they make their living, why should doctors mind be so full of evil in the name of survival? Well, such is their ways and lifestyle and that is why the society needs more of teachers than doctors.


At this point, I am of the thought and view that if a society could create more teachers than doctors, thousands of goals will be achieved in the society, and there will be rapid transformation from the status of developing countries to that of a developed nation in the nearest future. The world is becoming a global village and I must say, it will be very important to have more teachers.

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With all my said points, there is no iota of doubt in my mind that I have been able to convince my audience, panel of judges, distinguish guest of honor, my learned opponents, including all doubting Thomas that teachers are not only more important but are also more charitable and having good predisposed to humanitarian wellbeing and services Compare to doctors. Thank you.

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