ESSAY/DEBATE : what I would do if I’m position to improve health

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Essay : what I would do if I’m position to improve health

How I Would Improve the Health of My People, Two mother mice shared a hole. Mrs. White, a mother of five, lost two babies on her first outing with them. She asked Mrs. Brown, her neighbour, how she took out her baby without losing any. Mrs. Brown replied that she had instructed her babies on how to dodge the cat. For the next few days, no mouse was caught. But a week later, Mrs. White lost one more. Asked again for the secret of her success, Mrs. Brown said an instruction once given was not enough. Like the baby mice, human beings need be constantly instructed to beat the many tricky traps of diseases.

First, I would build a cottage hospital. This I would do by convincing the people, through the cooperation of the oba and chiefs, that we need such a centre for which they must tax themselves. Also, it would be necessary to appeal to the government to help the 15,000 people of the town.

Constant health education would be provided for the people. In this regard, the cottage hospital would serve as th nerve centre. There doctors and nurses would make it a point of duty to give a talk on a specific health topic every morning to residents and out-patients. Moreover, health personnel would be requested periodically to meet people in the schools of the town hall.

Apart from the hospital, there would be a health inspection office whose personnel would be requested to carry out inspections frequently. Their constant check would make the people sit up in their health habit all the time. Establishing the health office would also make the building and supervision of incinerators easy.


Finally, the health inspectors would inoculate the people against any diseases long before there would be an outbreak This way, epidemics of diseases like cholera, yellow fever chicken pox, would be kept at bay. Along with this, mothers would form the focus of attention as they would be requested to inoculate themselves and their children against the killer diseases.

All these may have their problems. Every project has its problems. But they have to be solved. The greatest problem! foresee is that of ignorance and superstition. Constant instructions and the success stories by those who accept the instruction would help solve such. With ignorance a superstitions defeated, people would have a strong faith in the hospital and help its progress.


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