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The Joint Admission Matriculation Board has taken it upon itself to look closely into the results of some applicant/candidate in certain centers across Nigeria.

After a thorough analysis of the conduct of the 2022 UTME in 10 centres spread across five states of the federation (as listed below), where examination malpractice was established to have taken place, it became necessary to cancel the results of all the candidates who sat the examination in the ten centres.

It should be noted that, as is the custom with the Board after every Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), the various reports from its officials in the field and video footage of the examination are reviewed by its team of experts, with a view to detecting activities subversive of the examination process. It is after all the reports have been collated and considered that the Management would take critical decisions as to the necessity or otherwise of a mop-up examination for which category of candidates.

The Centers include:



Consequently, all candidates who sat the UTME in the centres listed below have been rescheduled for the 6th of August, 2022 Mop-up UTME. It should be noted that candidates who, for whatever reasons, were absent at those centres are NOT eligible for the mop-up examination. The Centres are:


The Board also put into consideration some other certain set of persons who are justify by one circumstance or another on the day they had their exams. This candidate includes:

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142 candidates who could not take the UTME due to finger-print peculiarities;

28 candidates who could not take the examination due to technical problems in some centers; and

1,799 candidates with BVM failure who were recaptured at the centers.

The Board affirms its zero tolerance for examination malpractice and would do all within its powers to combat it. In the same vein, it reiterates its avowed commitment to the conduct of credible matriculation examinations into all tertiary institutions in the country while ensuring the sanctity of its examination process towards sustaining the integrity that the society has come to associate with the Board.




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