Public Relations as a Management Function

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In today’s article we will be talking about public relation as it is seen to be a management function, before we process let us first analyze the two word “public relations” and “management “, public 

in a general man definition is the act of creating good will for an organization in the face of its public, another says it is the process of doing 90% good and 10% talking of it, more and more definitions like that compliment public relations, now, what is management? Management is the group of individual that oversees the affair of an organization. Now we can make our way out here.

What is public relation as a management function?

รถ This can be said to be as the creation of favourable attitude and belief among the key public of an organisation. It could be deduce as the management creating a better view which public of an organisation holds to.

As a management function public relation as to be:

  • Counselling management in all department within the organisation.
  • You have to maintain a two way system of communication between the organisation and its public I.e you create a good image of your organisation in order to prevent conflict and misunderstanding.
  • Analysing and anticipating, interpreting public views and opinion, attitude future trends, and issues which might have impact on any section of corporate operations.
The proper analysis of public relation can be derive out from the definition of public relation, it can be reached from the key idea of the definition: the definition state ” public relation can be defined as deliberate plan and sustained effort to maintain and  establish mutual understanding between the organisation and its public “.
  • Deliberate
  • Planned
  • Sustain effort
  • Mutual understanding
  1. Delibrate: making Delibrate is an act done by a public relation man for him to create programs that has it root from the research he has carry out before e.g by seeking the opinion, belief, view and ideas of the public of that organization, he react to the feedback gotten from the public in order to issue mutual interest.
  2. Planned: before anything is done in life one has to plan and public relation is not in isolation of this point, as a public relation man of an organisation one has to have planned against the imminents about to come, it is the responsibility of a PR person in an organisation to organise a meeting that will call together all head members of department in an organisation, this heads sees to issue and give the PR person their own view on issue, from this point, the public relation officer replanned for the favourable outcome.
  3. Sustained efforts: as psychologist have noted through experiments, the human memory is short, the ramification gives that human memory compete for the people; attention from the print and electronic media an organisation is obliged to design messages which it must get across to its public at regular intervals.
  4. Mutual understanding: this is a two way system of communication I.e the public relation man who is the channel of this system gathers public views and attitude of the organisation’s product or services and provides these as feedback to management, so the mutual understanding now exist between the “management” and the “public‘ of the organisation. He arrange to make mmanagement fast action available to the organisation public through the mass media. Such organization reaction is to let the people know what and plans the organisation is taking and about to take next or to fulfilled what has been past promised.
—   Vision statement:
A vision statement most of the time is always part of the treaties that make up an organisation, a vision statement is what the management of an organisation want the organisation to become in the nearest year I.e how it want to be rated among peers, how he wants the people to see the organisation.
—-   Misssion statement:
Mission statement refers to a public declaration, a somcore card and an assessment criteria by which the performance of an organisation is usually measured or guage
—–   Policy : 
This is a corporate plan of action, it is a speech of ideals; good things proposed or adopted by an organisation. It is a statement of principles that will guide the operations of an organisation. This is why the policy of a company emanate from its corporate objective which are often derived from its together planned and corporate mission statement

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