JUPEB, JAMB and WAEC government Question and Answers for Exam

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1. The oneness that comes about due to political struggle and liberation from oppression can be gently link to _____                                                        A. Warism             B. Pacimism                                    C. Nationalism       D. Utopianism

2. Proportional representation is a form of electing people to seat in parliament which favours____      A. Less priviledge  B. Political party    C. Individual   D. Private member

3. The joint financial committee see to financial budget of the ____                                        A. President               B. National assembly             C. House of rep          D. House of senate

4. ___ of the following is not a share-taker of the adverse effect of the 1966, January 15.               A. Okoti Eboh           B. Aguiyi Ironsi                           C. Tafawa Balewa     D. Ahmadu Bello

5. The oversight function is being exercise by the ___ arm of government                                           A. Executive                       B. Legislature                   C. Judiciary                        D. Administrators

6. A form of untamed monarchy should be ____  A. Constitutional               B. Republican            C. Absolute                       D. B only

7. The second reading of a parliamentarian session follows by the ___                                              A. Third                                    B. Reading                    C. Committee stage                  D. Ascent

8. The veto power of the president is exercised pure through ____ of legislature bill                           A. Assent    B. Accent    C. Ascent    D. Access

9. In capitalist system, the principal characters are the proletariat and the ____                                   A. Bougeoise                   B. Bourgeoisie                      C. Borqeoisele                 D. Borgeoisei

10. The action group of the first republican constitution was created in _____                               A. April 1953                  B. March 1951                       C. June 1953                   D. May 1957



11. The last state creation was done by ____ in ___  A. Aguiyi Ironsi, 1991                                            B. Yabuku Gowon, 1985                                                C. Sanni Abacha, 1996                                                  D. Murtala Mohammed, 1998   

12. Law is the uncommand commander was theory postulated by ___                                               A. John Austin                   B. Hans Kelson                 C. Harold Laswell              D. Thomas Hobbe      

13. Test the validity of each of these statements.  A. The minister can also be a law maker in a Westminster system                                                       B. Australia still have the English mother as their queen                                                                    C. Ghana is monarchical and presidential              D. Nigeria is one of the worst countries in Africa 

14. The structural adjustment programme was glorified by                                                                      A. Aguiyi Ironsi            B. Tafawa Balewa                  C. Ernest Shonekan       C. Ibrahim Babangida

15. The Constituent Assembly of 1979 consisted of __ members and headed by___                              A. 250, Justice Mohammed Eunice                            B. 95, Justice Joseph Wayas                                          C. 230, Justice Udo Udoma                                          D. 50, Obafemi Awolowo

16. The first military coup in Africa was __by__      A. Nigeria, Chukwuemeka Nzeogwu                        B. Ghana, Kwame Nkruma                                          C. Egypt, Gamel Abdul                                                  D. Tunisia, King Farouk


17. As at 1990, Nigeria is federation of how many states? A. 30        B. 21       C. 19        D.36

18. Pick the odd one out as to proper discharge of same duty                                                                  A. Yakubu Gowon        B. Sanni Abacha                    C. Ibrahim Babangida   D. Aguiyi Ironsi

19. The exclusive list is basically overseen by the legislature at the federal level and it comprises of ———– A. 58           B. 52           C. 68     D. 107

20. The eastern bloc in non-alignment of cold world war is basically referring to _____                  A. America    B. Britain    C. Israel    D. Russia

21. A member state of the United Nation Organisation may be denied its vote if ________       A. Reports all necessaries to the security council   B. It fails to meet up financial obligation to the organisation                                                                    C. Threatened to secede                                              D. Not attending session without prior knowledge of the assembly 

22. _____ is not an official language in United Nation Organisation.                                                     A. English  B. Spanish   C. Dutch   D. Chinese 

23. Unity party of Nigeria in second republic was the direct offshoot of ____                                    A. Action Group                                                              B. All Progressive Congressive                                    C.  Nigeria National Democratic Party                      D. National Council of Nigeria Citizen

24. ____ is seen as usurpation, as a disadvantage to it which could be either substantial or procedural                                                                     A. Judicial review     B. Delegated Legislation         C. Military Rule        D. Gerrymandering

See also  The Emir of Sokoto controls the ________ empire as one of the supreme headquarter.

25. The security council not until 1965 was made up of ___ in total                                                A. 15               B. 10            C. 5               D. 7 

26. One but all is false about exercise of veto by security council                                                               A. The veto is passed by support of 10 of 15           B. The Veto is passed by support of 9 of 15 excluding no one of main permanent                       C. The veto is passed by support of 9 of 15 including 3 0f 5 permanent members                       D. The veto is passed by an absolute majority of both 

27. The international court of justice located in Hauge, Netherlands composed of______                  A. 10 independent and eminent judges for 8 years tenure                                                                    B. 9 independent and eminent judges for 15 years tenure                                                                    C. 8 independent judges with 10 years tenure        D. 15 independent judges with 9 years tenure

28. Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Kwame Nkruma of Ghana, Herbert Macaulay of Nigeria, Leopold Senghor of  Senegal A. African socialist   B. African Heritage  C. African mouthpiece D. African dictates

29. Westminster is not the other name one calls a cabinet system or parliamentary                              A. Yes  B. No  C. Somewhat Yes  D. A only 

30. Test the validity of this statement.                     A. Trinidad and Tobago is not a common wealth nation                                                                               B. Ghana was colonised by Britain                           C. Egypt got her independence in 1922                     D. Cape Verde are generally Busophone


1 C
2 B
3 B
4 B
5 B
6 C
7 C
8 A
9 B
12 A
13 C
14 C
15 C
16 C
17 B
18 D
19 C
20 D
21 B
22 C
23 A
24 B
25 D
26 B
27 D
28 A
29 B
30 A

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