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-The Roman Catholic arrived in 1482 in Ghana and built Fort st George also known as Elmina castle

which In 1835, Joseph Rhodes Dunwell arrived with the Wesleyan church (people Anglican background)

– William de graft from SCPK (society for the propagation of Christian knowledge ensured sharing of bibles – Thomas birch freeman arrived in 1838 and established Methodist society wit

William de graft, he believed that education is the bedrock of Christianity, it beg with KUMASI.

Achievement of Christianity in Ghana

1) Education: they have several mission schools that teach the governmen approved curriculum. There are many churches today that operate secondary an higher institutions of learning. In fact, it is recorded that almost all the top secon cycle level of institutions that exist in Ghana are mission schools, they includ Adisadel college, St Augustine, Pope John Senior high school, Holy Child schoo  Wesley Girls high school, St Louis SEC school, etc.

2) Health: there were various churches and mission hospital that have be established to cater for the health need of Ghanaians. The mission hospitals and churches focused on areas where people seem to be impoverished and marginalized. One of the establishment set up was CHAG (CHRISTIAN HEALTH ASSOCIATION OF GHANA) IN 1967

3.) Political awareness: since the nation got her independence, there have been many leaders from the Christian body who hold major leadership position.

4) Agriculture

5) Evangelization

6) Vernacular

7) Rural development


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