10 quick General knowledge practice questions

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  1. The American president between 1993 to 200 is _____ A. Jimmy Carter B. Bill Clinton C. George W. Bush D. Gerald Ford
  2. The former President of Italy was ____ A. Giorgio Napolitano B. Sergio Mattarella C. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi D. Pietro Grasso
  3. The first and longest serving Prime minister of Great Britain is? A. Magret Thatcher B. Bonar Law C. Robert Walpole D. Winston Churchill
  4. Emmanuel Macron became the President of ______ A. Canada/2007 B. France/2017 C. Canada/2014 D. France/2015
  5. Johannes Rau was a President of______ A. Germany B. Russia C. France D. USA
  6. Which of these Presidents is ranked No. 1 in the list of powerful persons in the world? A. Vladimir Putin of Russia B. Donald Trump of USA C. Xi Jiping of China D. Kim Jong-Un of North Korea
  7. The first President of America is? A. Abraham Lincoln B. George Bush C. George Washington D. Christopher Columbus
  8. Justin Trudeau is the current ______ A. President of Italy B. Prime minister of Jordan C. President of Japan D. Prime minister of Canada
  9. Giovanni Leone, Antonio Segni and Allesandro Pertini were all presidents of _______ A. Russia B. Italy C. France D. Germany
  10. The Prime minister of Britain during the second world war was A. Winston Churchill B. Magret Thatcher C. Boris Johnson D. Williams Pit

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