How to Write Abstract for Project (with example)

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Well, are you about to write a project and you feel stress and uncomfortable stressing your brain out, anyways we’ve got you covered, one of the important aspect of writing a project is the Abstract page, and we given you a Paradigm on how to write Abstract page. This example was made into a project on “How to use Public Relation Techniques to create goodwill for organizations”.

You can do well to look into the paradigm so you’d know what next step to take, happy reading and you can also check below to see other pages for project E.G Certification,¬† ¬†Acknowledgement, Dedication and Introduction¬†



Public relation is planned communication that can be used by government and public relation practitioner to build, create and maintain mutual understanding with publics. It is a tools that could be used to facilitate development for an organization and even a country at large l.e desperate for social, economic, political and technological development. It is against this backdrop that this paper exermines how public relation practitioner can create goodwill for an organization using public relation techniques.

The paper examines different Public relation strategies like corporate social responsibilities, sponsorship, community development and many more idea of public relation practitioner, it is also about the way a PR practitioner can maintain research, information and communicate with the aid of persuading people or the organization public to comply. It examines the extent to which public relations is relevant to the attainment of the Millennium goodwill goals (MGGS) and also examine the role of the public relation department as a whole in the quest for creating goodwill. The paper recommend that public relation practitioner should explore public relations possibilities, which will in turn create goodwill for an organization

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