List of Recommended Government text for Jupeb for 2022-26

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List of Recommended Government text for Jupeb for 2022-26


1. Adamolekun, L. (2004). Politics and Administration in Nigeria, Ibadan: Spectrum Books Limited.

2. Anifowose, R. and Enemuo, F. (eds.) (1999). Elements of Politics. Lagos: Sam Iroanusi Publishers.

3. Anyabolu, I. O. (2000). Nigeria: Past to Present. Enugu: Classic Publishing Company Limited.

4. Appadorai, A. (1979). The Substance of Politics New Delhi Oxford University Press.

5. Awofeso, O. (2014). Constitutional Development in Nigeria: Historical and Political Analysis. Lagos: MacGrace Publishers.

6. Bassey. O.C and Ozumba G.O (eds) (2012). Introduction to Political Science. Lagos: Concept Publications.

7. Ebegbulem, J.C. (2016) Government and Politics of the Modern State, Calabar: Clearliness Publications Limited. 8. Eminue, O. (2001) Introduction to Political Science. Calabar Cats Publishers.

9. Ezeani E.O (2006). Fundamentals of Public Administration. Enugu: Snaap Press Publishers Nigeria Limited.

10. Ezeibe, C. (2016) ABC of Political Economy: A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding the State and Economy. Nsukka: University Press.

11. Heywood, A. (2007) Politics (3″ ed). Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan.

12. Koonings, K. and Kruijt, D. (eds.) (2002). Political Armies: The Military and Nation Building in the Age of Democracy. London and New York: Zed Books.

13. Nnoli, O. (1978). Ethnic Politics in Nigeria. Enugu: Four (2003). Introduction to Politics. Enugu: PARCREP Publishers.

14. Oguonu, C.N. (2014) Management and Development: A Contemporary Reading in Public Administration. Abuja: Premium Publishing House.

15. Okolie, A. M and Onah, V.C (eds). (2016). Politics and Law in Africa. Abakaliki: Appleseed and Willyrose.

16. Omotosho, M (2012). Basic Concepts in Citizenship, Kaduna: T90 Publicity.


17. Oyediran, O (2007). Nigerian Constitutional Development. Ibadan: Oyediran Consults International

18. Oyediran, O et al. (eds.) (2011). New Approach: Government. Lagos: Longman.

19. Oyediran, O. (1998). Introduction to Political Science. Ibadan: Oyediran Consults International.

20. Rumki, B. (2005). Public Administration: Concepts and Theories. New Delhi: Sterling Publishers Private Limited.

21. Stillman, R. (2009), Public Administration Concepts and Cases (9 ed). Boston Wadsworth: Cengage Learning

22. Subrata, M and Sushila R. (2007). A History Political Thought: Plato to Marx. New Delhi: Prentice-Hall India Private Limited. of

23. Thompson, A. (2016). An Introduction to African Politics (4th ed.), London: Routledge.

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