What is the difference between absolute monarchy and constitutional monarchy

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Monarchy is a governmental concept or an idea whereby Monarch which is a king Queen, Emperor can rule a particular given place.

It doesn’t have to be totally King, Queen or Emperor to make it a Monarchical system but rather Countess or Count, Earl, Duke, Dutchess can also rule a particular given Territory.

The clear difference between the two types of monarchy is that :

1. Absolute Monarchy: in absolute Monarchy there is the rule of the Monarch governing the people which they might like or not, the absoluteness makes his/her rule or words final on the citizen. Also, in an absolute monarchy there is long life time in the office or position and succession is based on Hereditary, this is that once the king or the monarch dies, he is taken over  by his son or the selected person in the family.

2. Constitutional Monarchy : this is that the dictate of the Monarch or ways and how he does things are being regulated by the Constitution. This luxury which is absense in an absolute monarchy which could on long run breeds tyranny and ruling of one person (autocracy). The Constitution in a Constitutional monarchy usually provide for the office of the prime minister which is fixed  for a number of years, both the monarch and the prime minister power are regulated by Constitution.

N:B – when it is that the power of the Absolute Monarch is unlimited, the power of the constitutional monarch is limited by the Constitution along side the prime minister.

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