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There is this popular saying that rough times don’t last, as a motivational speaker and a writer i will tell you they do but you can always last more than it, as you all know that life is not seen and does not put the same definition into our mouth all, the perception, slope, side, angle that i see life from can never be the the same as yours, life is like a person standing at the middle of a set rounded hall party, some people sees it from the back, some from the front, some from the left side and some from the right side, if you see it from the right side then i will define you as one who is born with a silver spoon with and all you need is just by your side through the help of those that drives you to earth i.e your parent, someone who sees it from the left hand side is one who face difficulty figuring how fine and interesting the face of life is, someone who sees it from the right hand side is an optimist who believes one day it is always going to be well and the last is one who sees it from the back is one who even with motivation will remain pessimist and never follow any goal but rotating in the normal circulation of life leaving that pessimist system to flow to more and more generation to come but do know something that despite life is seen by people from many angle there is no security to hinder anyone to get to the main face accept one heart.


Heart the the biology is that main and central home of blood production and where they are distributed to the veins in the body, one big little thing is that the heart serves as that home where you can first discover at first sight if  you will be able to go about this thing properly, you hear a bad news the first thing is you heart keep beating, you hear a good new your heart leap for joy, now that heart is what i will ask you to follow even when things seems rough.

Tough times don’t last tough people do and when the tough get going only the going get tougher compare to a newbie in the race of something, you have to follow your heart no matter or come what may, you are the dictator of yourself and no-one can define life into you, if you follow your heart you will see that at the end it all worth it compare to someone who has gotten something less than best.

There was a point in time in my life that i told my friend that it is not being and extremist am getting my heart desire,  though then there was a project we were all running after, many quit, many stay off, many loss interest but i remains unshakable to the verge that i should have joined the trends of friends, but i keep following my heart saying “NO” they don’t define me my heart and myself is the definer here, so i keep moving and moving years roll away but one day, i repeat ‘one day’ i got it and they were all bewildered and that was then i have the morale to talk about my success, one can’t talk of success when you haven’t achieve, that is why we need to keep on discovering and follows ones heart, i support rigidity because it is the product of strong heart and i know if you keep following your heart one day, it is going to worth it, i belief beauty belongs to those that believe in the future of their dream.

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Some people might need to know ways to guide him so that he/she could follow his/her mind, no problem, i will drop a powerful three:

  1. BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT : I tell many student and adult though am also an adult that the beginning of failure is when one can’t believe in himself, they look at other people as the best, my dear brother or sister why can’t you just erase that perception and put on the real Armour of  truth, though it might seems hard, rough, not smooth and intimidating but never stay away from the good course of your life, because life in itself is flexible and easy to amend only if you see it coming and you know i believe i can welcome this to my favor, believe yourself.
  2.   TAKE ALL POSSIBLE CHANCES : The man that did bulb ( Thomas Edison ) tried it many times before it happens to life, when they told him you failed on your several attempt, he told them that he never failed but was discovering more and more how the forever standing project will work, Edison died long time ago but his name never dies because he followed is heart even in the rough time and unclear season, i have a motivator who always tell me that “by the end we will only regret the chances we don’t take”, so please take every possible chance to succeed.
  3. DON’T BE PROUD AT THE PROCESS : when you realized that you are now getting it, please don’t be proud or let your ego overcomes you at the process, pride is one thing that brings hero to zero and that can even make you believe you can’t start from that scratch you have left behind again, don’t be proud even in religious of the modern world we are taught to have meek mind like a dove and be wise as a snake, if you are wise you will always know how to keep your head out of waters and impending danger will not befall you. 

Thanks for reading this article, my grateful heart goes to T and B that makes my project worked out as planned, thanks for your support, keep inviting friends, let them learn and know what it takes to live life.

Thanks ones again bye..  

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