Reasons why talent beats hard work every time (Messi vs Ronaldo)

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Introductory Paragraph

Good day most honourable chairman, respected judges, accurate time keeper, co-debaters and my august audience. My name is Answer-my-question. I stand before this honourable and reputable assembly to confidently support an indisputable and irrefutable fact which state: Reasons why talent beats hard work every time

Reasons why talent beats hard work every time (Messi vs Ronaldo)

It is now a common vogue on the street of every city of the world ranting and always talking about how talent best hard work or how hard work best talent! Well, this writer (IBK-Emmanuel) will be of the view that support talent over hard work in this post and afterward. In subsequent post I’d try to write on the opposite view of Hard work besting talent. However, I won’t want Ronaldo fan to be angry as our case study sees him as a hard-working guy as compare that talent willed by that 5foot 7inches superstar Messi. At this juncture, it will be pertinent to define talent against hard work in a simplified term:

Talent – Can be said to be a natural skill, method, approach of thing either endowed biologically or through the psychology of the society one finds themselves. It is sometimes innate with individual who willed such skill, method, approach or folks who comes from such ends (place).

Hard work– the twin words amount to the ability to struggle in other to have a reach or ascertain an ambition for success. It really goes by the saying that “nothing will work unless you do”

Should we then begin by saying talent rule the world! I mean, no one said you are not going to work hard but with talent therefore, makes it looks natural and not being forced, there are quite a number of people you could refer to as talent in the world, I mean no one will say Beyoncé is not but talent in that music industry, woman is holding the overall highest number of Grammy Award, amounting to thirty-two (32) Grammy wins of her Eighty-eight (88) nominations. You might then say after all; the nominations are quite much! But sorry, many people don’t even see nomination, that’s pure talent. I’m Nicky Minag Fan and it really hurt to see that of her ten (10) nominations she still dangles in zero (0) wins, meaning she hasn’t won any Grammy award and while people who came after her like Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion has made one (1) and three (3) respectively.


Then, the million dollars question you then ask is that were they not other parties? Is she the only one? Personally, this writer does not know how to really take side or too emotive in life subject but I guess the recently concluded 2022 world cup in Qatar tells otherwise. Right from the quarter final, the match got really intense, and it was uneasy for every fan of Messi worldwide, however he keeps proving many people wrong with is talent and keep winning folks to the ‘Messi FC’ (if there is ever any). Some people even said by watching that world cup it marks the end of an era proving wrong the hard work that yes! You’re needed but talent beats it all time. Maybe a little in-depth look will do justice, the Talent Messi, went from sitting down in same chair with the likes of Iniesta and Xavi for world best player, subsequently with Ronaldo, who is really hardworking, to the time of the 22 years old speedster, Mbappe. You know what’s funny? he has received all this through natural talent exhibition.

With the Preambles given above, we should therefore, look at the reasons why Talent beats hard work every time!

First and foremost, talent comes naturally, it makes such skill or concept easy to implement, this is such that anyone with talent doesn’t really feel pain of losing most times (emphasis on most times, because anyone can feel pain) because why should I cry, when I know all that is needed is just to make it function properly the next time it will be happening. With talent the chances of getting what is easily not attainable, in few times to come is imaginable, giving cognizance to Messi, people thought he was a failure on ground that he has achieved so much with club title including UCL, La Liga, Club world cup, Copa Del Rey but without no international trophy not until 2021, I mean, I learned from one Messi hard core fan and a sport pundit, Mikkybj in University of Lagos that 2021 wasn’t even his prime time, he mentioned that in 2012 man had up to 91 goals in a season, still, no international recognizable cup for him. What is this writer driving at? The crux of what we are saying is that with talent even though it’s not feasible yet yeah? There is always still that big chance of winning. That is if the winning does not even start from the beginning. Messi moved from wanting one international trophy to the position of getting 1 regional international south American cup (Copa America) in 2021 to getting the world cup in 2023, which is the overall of all the cups in the world. That is indeed the work of talent and how natural it can come. This is unlike hard work that can be used to attain the afore-mentioned also but might be frustrating sometimes and tasking

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Another salient point to be discussed is the Uniqueness of talent, this is unlike the first point discussed above about how natural it is. When the natural part of talent shows innateness, the external result from such individual or the exhibition shown through the talent is then the Uniqueness, kindly go to YouTube and check Messi Dribbling or Neymar performing skill at the course of playing a match, you will be surprise that this comes so natural to these people and the way they exhibit this skill is unique, it just avails them to be distinctions. Even when many other players have sat to understand Messi or Neymar, their skill is still not something you understand fully. Because it’s very normal to them. Unlike hard work, it will take time to be as unique as someone who do not see stress in executing those moves.

In addition, Talent easily attracts people to you, people who do stuff with less effort attract more people to them, this is common in politics, economy, social life and so on and so forth. Due to the fact that such talented fellows do it in a shorter period with good efficiency and producing desired results, it will give them more work, this is not to say that hard work is not cherished, that bit of hard work cannot totally be discarded when it comes to good success. What we opine is that if you are talented you will be one step ahead of one who is using all their life and night to learn that same thing. Even in education, reading comes natural and normal to some people, they rarely read, even when they do, it’s with less hassle compared to that of a person who reads page 1 to 10 and the starting of page 11 wipes out what has been studied from the first few pages.

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In conclusion, we submit that hard work is needed to actually get that extra-ordinary success and hitting the determination to succeed real quick, but talent will forever best and beat hard work gathering from these few above and what you! Yourself knows.




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