ESSAY/DEBATE : “A Happy Dream”

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One night recently, you laughed in your sleep and shouted, “Yes, quite right. That is exactly what I want.” A trusted relative or friend woke you up, and asked what was the matter. Narrate to him or her the dream that led to your remarks. Say if you previously had the idea in your thoughts during your waking moments and how you intend to achieve the goal.

Let’s assume this is the scenario you were given and you’re about making an essay on it.

The way one thinks, they say, so one dreams. You will recall that I was full of thought last night after our discussion on our letters of application. This is June; we will soon leave school. I have always expressed how happy I will be if the National Bank of Nigeria appoints me as an accountant. Now after my dream, I am cock sure that I will soon become an accountant in training in that bank.

The dream found me with father, working on the farm. Suddenly, someone appeared and gave me a letter. It was from the bank, inviting me for an interview. Although, he was smiling I did not recognize his face for he immediately disappeared. Father was happy too, and wished me good luck. Later, I found myself in a large hall, well dressed, among other candidates.

It was a beautiful rectangular and magnificent hall with high walls. The rows of chair on which we all sat, waiting, formed a semicircle facing one of the longer walls. The candidates were being called into the adjoining rooms, while others remained very silent. Soon I found myself going into the adjoining room, though nobody called me.

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In the room were five wise-looking figures, like judges. I sat before them to answer their questions. I was very nervous. I remembered only one of the questions. The elderly man asked me how many naira I would embezzle annually when employed. The reply never came. All laughed and I felt more stupid and more nervous. Funny enough, the elderly man was changing fast, and soon I saw in his place our principal! The others too became our masters in Mathematics, English, Geography, and Economics. Later I found myself outside the hall, as if thrown there. Something told me I had failed woefully. I found myself walking the distance back to our town. Dejected, I feared facing Father with the report of my performance. When he saw me, he knew what had happened. He said nothing, thus increasing my misery. I decided to leave home, and found myself back on the farm.

Again, somebody tapped me on the back. I looked up and saw the elderly wise man, smiling. He quickly changed to our principal, told me he had supported my cause, and that he had obtained the appointment for me. Ending, he asked, “I hope you really want to work for the bank, is that right?” It was then I made the remarks which you heard

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