How to prepare a Dummy sheet

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The dummy sheet is something also called a layout. Dummy. Or a layout, is done on dummy, or layout sheet. In printed form showing the full size page and all its regular subdivision of columns as well as page number locations, depends on the given publication modus operandi and may vary from a few scraggly pencil line indicating types area and rectangle showing size and position of illustration, to carefully pasted compositions that make use of dummy types that he is types of size, which shape and kind intended for that particular purpose and usually protest and printed in sheets. Photo static reproduction of the illustration in the proposed size, shape, and cropping. Obviously, the more elaborate offers a cleaner visualisation of the printing project can and prevent mistake before they are multiplied on press. You can equally check out HOW DO GRAVURE PRESS WORKS

Equally obviously, the more elaborate domain costs money in staff time, production time, material used, and so on


  1. Front page dummy indicates the amount of space that the nameplate will take, a nameplate is the name of the newspaper. Is generally appears at the top of the front page. It is sometimes incorrect referred to as masthead, it is also called the flag. 
  2. Headline already assigned number in the headline schedule should be written wherever the story is to be placed on the dummy
  3. When is story with a one column headline is on the dummy, the headline and snowboard are indicated at the top of the story and the horizontal line is drawn across the column at the end.
  4. Two column lead paragraph outlines should be indicated on the layout by drawing wavy lines the width  of the time.
  5. Pictures of cartoons should be labelled appropriately with the slug and an indication that it is either a picture a cartoon.
  6. Boxes are indicated by drawing a rectangle to the dimension required and labelling the drawing with the word “box”. 
  7. Jump should be indicated by the word “jump“ and the page number to which the story is to be continued.
  8. Give me a story of two or more columns read into a single column, then a court of law may apply to separate the materials that appear on our deadline from non related materials.
  9. Any layout arrangement that is radically different from what has been used before should be indicated with notations if there is doubt that it will be clear to the printer

One way to break up the pages is by using display type deliberately as though it were a design element. Naturally this can only be done if the story itself is broken into components parts, topic by topic and sub topic by subtopic, each signal by a fresh heading. If this editorial segmentation of the story allows at least three major appearing headlines per spreads, then the technique will probably work so long as the headlines handled graphically in a similar way that is true liners, or 5 liners all flushed left in a column, or underscore or however else one place. The great virtue of airline as earth is that the world themselves are of interest to the reader. It is very likely that he will the ground by them far from positive than by a more decorative but much less meaningful piece of artwork.
But those fascinating word that better be big enough, good enough, in enough white space to make them unstoppable. 


If there is a keyword that is particularly interesting to the readership, then it is good trip to hook it up in size or colour. This is, of course, a blending of the designer and editors’ artwork, the designer can do nothing with words that do not need themselves to such treatment. But if the editor can tailor the headline or subject line to allow such a manipulation, then the designer can make much drama from very little raw materials.It is useful, often, to repeat the decorative keyboard as the continue line throughout the story, just can it all together nicely and simple. 

If headlines allow themselves to be split by phrases, it is possible to place the phrases in separate position on the spread, and thereby achieve unexpected results. And even better applications of this musical is to allow the headline to flow one spread onto the succeeding one, doors forcing the reader to realise that the story continues. Another application is to break the headline into components that tie in with a cataloguing of elements on display.

To achieve clarity and break up in running copy, it is also possible to set part of it in one size to signal its major importance and another party in a smaller size to signal is relative unimportant. The reduction in type size is also often accompanied by a reduction of the column width by in turn right and left, or by doubling up to narrow column under the wider big one. 


A much more often used variants on the two kind of body type technique come into play when a more obvious signs breaking is to be expressed that is when they are, for instance, a list of question and answer, or pro and con views. In such cases the question can be set gold that is italy or bigger or in colour and the answer can be set in normal body copy type. Since the alignment usually remains in violet, this textural duration is only superficial and is therefore much less ugly and causes less aesthetic pain.

FLOATING SUBHEADSPLACEMENT OF SUBHEADS : if the page structure allows it “^” need not to be confined to the column after. It may be advantages to play some heads outside the colon in the margin of the page so that they pop out and catch attention that is in much same way that the headlines discussed earlier doIn this placement they are much more visible and can therefore be used to more purpose than just breaking up the text as it usually do. They can be summing up for fast reading, and they can be very useful reference points if there is many pages of text and much cross-referencing needs to be done.

REAPEATED WORD : they are what that can be manipulated typographical in such a way that the world itself becomes a picture of the meaning. What capacity, however, which is the unity typesetting as opposed to type playing is that of repetition. It is very easy indeed for the typesetter to set and reset words, especially on the linotype, so, where repetition helps create a word image it is appropriate to have healed set by the printer.

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WORD AND LINES: If the combination of words and hard work it is very simple, it is easy for the printer to provide the art at little or no extra cost. If, however, the box can become symbolic of the meaning of the word, they will become greater than the sum of its parts and may even add a little wit to the dry material. 

This is a very expensive and difficult tricks, since it requires most setting and revised setting to get the lines to come out right without too much should be looking letter-spacing of bad word breaking at the end of the line. But every so often it may come in handy. It requires considerable preparation on the part of the type specified, since each line length must be separately specific in because that is which tends to be a boring job. So the concept had better be good enough and important enough to offset such a nuisance factor.

You said line type in such a way that you have ample space to say enough to make the headline meaningful, useful, catchy. It is wise, therefore, to make use of type that is smaller, and at the same time boulder, than you might at first dean appropriate, than way you get a necessary as catching blackness that a headline needs to be noticed, and you get enough character to say nothing in. If the subject required the short headline that is in the form of a label, perhaps then add a hefty blurb to explain what the story is about, and what is significance to the reader is. If you use a two line headline, make sure that the second line is shorter than the first, to bring the end closer to the beginning of the text.


Which train headline typography do not shout too much. This way the attention-getting capacity of type is reserved for situation that deserve such treatment for editorial reasoning. By shouting out loud every where, you end up by not being hard at all, since all the shouting council itself out. A small size headline in plenty of surrounding whitespace is also much more effective than the same space filled to the brim with bloated words. 


Be aware of the advantages of ragged right  flush left setting. It looks and feel different from the conversational, expected, justified column treatment. The difference can be made use of in situations that demand special stress, as a pronouncement, introductions, editorial statement of comments, and so horny or it can be useful as a foil to the regular setting in purely decorative terms. It opens up the rigid column structure and let in some air. It certainly looks different from the surrounding advert. The fabrics of the time retain a smooth texture, since the need to justify the line does not exist. As a result, the typesetter does not need to insert obituary extra space in between words or character and does it does not have to spoil the colour and evenness of this type. This very smooth nice, together with the signalling quality that each line as at the end that is since each end of a line comes at the different position, actually make this kind of typesetting easier of all to read. On a purely practical plane, it has an additional advantage that has nothing to do with aesthetic or ease of reading, but everything to do with ease of getting the book out. Ragged – right settings allow greatly weigh in writing, since the difference in line lengths allow variation in word count per line, well such duration appearing to be mistakes. That way you can, for instance have several copy blogs that have an equal numbers of line so to appear to be the same lines yet by varying their line length, some can have a smaller number of words than other. This attribute is particularly useful in captions, new products reports, or any other form of listening of a verity of element that call for pictures or caption treatments, where some are important than others or there is more to say about some down there is about the orders yet all of which needs to be an equally for other reasons.

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Make use of the natural propensity of type to beset flush left. It feels most comfortable that way. When end lines of surveyed lines are central in the space in which the ride, they become free standing, analyse elements. They have dignity and importance but they appear alone. Move them over to align flush left with other elements on the page, especially the blogs, and immediately they take on a dynamic quality, angel of belonging and surrounding of being designed and a much more active and lively presentation results. Caption must be closely aligned to the picture they referred to. They should not float in space, but instead should melt with the picture into a visual unity. They are subordinate to the picture, explaining it, pinpointing its meaning within the story, expanding the idea generated by its contents so they should be set in typographic dress that is restrained and self effacing. Let the picture to do the attention-getting. Set the kitchen in a file type a smaller size of the basic body copy type perhaps, or pale sans-serif. There is no reason for it to be bolder than the body copy type.

Caption can be used to give typographic verity to the page. This quality should be expected in a product having a basic rigid, formalized rectangle composition. Where column or column of type and illustration prevail, egyptian and ice skating event. And informal setting of the caption should be set with one edge plus, the other ragged. The flush side is the one that must be used to establish a relationship with the picture, while the rags, federal excise float freely as a rule, it is wiser to have the left-hand age as the flash age, but when the occasion demands, it is admissible to use a flashlight alignments, so long as the number of lines treated this way is not too great that is it doesn’t line perhaps and the lines are not too wide. Don’t forget to check out HOW DO GRAVURE PRESS WORK

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